Emma's Blend Bauble Set

Emma's Blend Bauble Set

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A very special, one off set of five baubles dedicated to my sister, Emma.  An incredibly beautiful and pleasing line blend of her two favourite colours - deep salmon pink and bright, cheery turquoise.  The middle point of these two colours is a rich grey, my own favourite.  Each bauble is hand stained with the unique colour blend and finished with a gloss transparent glaze.  A geometric, cube pattern highlights the lovely colours and allows the brilliant white glacier porcelain to shine through.

This modern, tetrahedral bauble is made of glacier porcelain and looks great in all festive situations. Approximately 7cm wide and 6cm tall, each bauble is threaded with a black silk ribbon for your tree-hanging convenience.

Please note each bauble is handmade and may differ slightly in appearance from the one shown here.